Welcome to DTH!

Hello, traveler, how do you do? It's nice to see you here.

What is this?

"What is this?", you might be asking yourself, well, this is the main page for a videogame, let me tell you about it.

This game's name is "DROP TABLE Humanity;", as you can see in the title (I will explain later), and it's related to digital security and other computer science topics like programming, so it's most likely not gonna become popular, as it aims to be useful in hacking competitions (Which, again, I think that will not happen) or to help mad geeks like me to practice their skills while playing a game with friends (Hey, don't worry if you don't have, there are single player mode and public matches). Even if you aren't a tech savvy person, if you want to play the game, you can learn all you need here in this site.

Do you like it?

You can download the game at itch.io via this widget ⬇️

(Yup, this game is free and open source software, find out the code at GitHub)

Want screenshots?

Here you have them, sir!

"DROP TABLE Humanity;"?

Yes, do you know SQL?

- Yup, I do

Well, there it is, we wiped out humanity! We won't tell you why or how, just find the answer in the game 😏

- Nope, I'm a newbie

It's okay, don't worry, just pay attention (Mad relational DB fans beware of vague explanations):

SQL is a programming language to manage databases (used to store and retrieve data), in it, the DROP instruction is used to delete something. A TABLE is a chart with data in it. Humanity is an insane animal species that enjoys taking over everything and destroying it while trying to take advantage of that thing. And again, you will only get the answer in the game, but now you have a clue.

- Yeah, I like it


Meme comparison of SQL and NoSQL users